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Utilizing almost exclusively our own labor allows us to deliver projects with timing and quality rarely available from other construction firms.

Renovations of Manhattan high-end, frequently landmarked townhouse and brownstone residences are among the most complex and challenging building undertakings in New York City. We at ABR BUILDERS LLC deliver these projects with impeccable quality, respect for the owner requirements and the architect vision, and most of all the satisfaction of creating residences as unique as our clients.
Since its founding in 1995, ABR has organized its operations and selected personnel to specifically accommodate the needs of high-end residence owners, architects, and interior designers. The company expertise in high-quality construction is also utilized on selected commercial projects, such as private medical clinics.

ABR manufactures all custom architectural, structural, and interior components through its in-house resources. The firm’s internal capabilities include architectural design, shop drawing development, structural steel detailing and erection, masonry, stonework, carpentry and all other interior construction trades, as well as electrical and plumbing installation. ABR operates its own fabrication facility that produces custom stonework, cabinetry, windows, and structural steel elements.
Top architectural firms across the nation and owners of some of the most prominent residences in Manhattan have relied on ABR to build their projects. Numerous projects in our portfolio received awards and were recognized in the architectural media.

Founder's Bio

We put our people first and here are guys who weave magic in our studio
Bolek Ryzinski
Bolek Ryzinski


Bolek Ryzinski R.A. is the Co-founder and President of ABR Builders LLC, and the Vice President of Silver Rock Management LLC. He has over 30 years of experience as a builder, developer and an architect both in US and overseas. As a senior executive officer in both companies, he is responsible for the managing operations of the company projects from the inception through the production and delivery of the final product. Under Bolek’s leadership, ABR has become one of New York City’s premier builders in the high end residential market. In recent years, he over saw the real estate development part of the group (Silver Rock) in such New York City neighborhoods as Williamburg, Bushwick and Harlem. He focuses on the creative aspects of the development sites (zoning and use), economy and delivering the high quality of each project. He is known as an honest communicator ensuring budgetary discipline and timely delivery. Bolek Ryzinski is also an operating partner and co-owner in the following companies: - High Design Builders LLC - High Design Millwork LLC - Panama Hat Roasters LLC, Mr. Ryzinski is an active board member in these non-for profit organizations: - Polish American Business Club (, Vice President - Polish Theater Institute (, Board Member

Lukasz Macniak
Lukasz Macniak

Vice President

Lukasz Macniak, Co-Founder, Vice President of ABR BUILDERS LLC & SILVER ROCK MANAGEMENT LLC based in New York, NY, is the senior executive directly responsible for the overall progress and quality of the company's projects. His 12 years of experience comprises all phases of the delivery cycle from negotiations, pre-construction, permitting, and scheduling to turn-over and post-completion client support. Mr. Macniak manages both the company operations and construction site activities. His confident and calm managerial style facilitates the client's control over the project and encourages a collaborative spirit within the project team, including partners, investors, clients the design professionals and ABR's personnel. Mr. Macniak is an excellent motivator and a respected team leader. He is tireless in ensuring best negotiation outcomes, the highest quality of work and timely delivery of each project. In addition to his role at ABR and SILVER ROCK Mr. Macniak is directly involved in operations of other companies he co-owns - High Design Millwork LLC - High Design Builders LLC - Panama Hat Roasters LLC, Mr. Macniak is also working with other non-profit organization - COO of Radoslaw Szymanik Tennis Foundation, - Member and VP Programing of Polish American Business Club,